Best Restaurant in Seoul

Explore the Soul of Seoul and Korea through Our Food

If you are a foodie, then it is time to go beyond “French Paradox” and time to find “Korean Paradox”. Undoubtedly, it might be about the salts that are used in Korean food that might have brought this catchphrase into existence but Korean food culture is quite fascinating beyond the idea of variety of salts that are used.

Jihwaja as the best dining place in Seoul thrive to treat your taste buds with lavish Korean food. From the freshness of the vegetables to exotic seafood, we serve an array of delicacies for your culinary cravings.

Our culinary narrative:

From Bibimbap and Kimchi to jeotgal (fermented seafood), Jihwaja is the only restaurant that aims to prepare Korean food that people across the globe can love. With true Korean flavor and our matchless hospitality, we create a semblance of western culinary culture so that traveler from across the globe can have a true feeling of our culinary culture.

Why should you dine here at our restaurant?
  • We can prepare food for vegetarians koshers and non-vegetarians too
  • We are an award-winning restaurant with multiple awards that include Michelin Guide Seoul 2017, Best Ever Dining Awards Seoul- 30 Best restaurants, AA Taste Award for Great Taste Award by Asian Pacific Additive Association and many more
  • We prepare food methodically. That means the nutritional elements are well balanced so that you can have a healthy meal
  • Staffs are groomed and well-behaved because we are the best restaurant in Seoul known for our service quality
  • Extreme sense of hygiene and conviviality. And that can be found in our food and in our behavior
  • Cost is competitive because we believe in offering good food at a better price

The art of eating:

Jihwaja serves gourmet course including vegetarian friendly, vegan and glutinious option meals a variety of traditional foods and liquors, which were served for various royal banquet. Also vegetarian friendly, vegan and glutinious option meals are served for special requests. All the dishes represent the essence of the Korean food culture.

If you are Korean, then you must have been aware of the fact how convivial we are and if you are a tourist, then you must explore the Korean food culture because we are one of those rare nations where food is not enjoyed with a sense of passivity.

In fact, we are active, you can enjoy a range of food without having to wait for the waiter serve you because we fill the table with a range of food items and you can eat according to your taste.

We can also serve you in a western manner too. In fact, we are a fusion of both Korean and western culture to serve global visitors. Look at our menu and visit our restaurant. And you would be served in the best possible manner at the best place to eat Seoul.